Geek+, a global Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) leader has expanded into South America with its first robotics project, providing smart logistics solutions to Walmart Chile, the largest supermarket chain in the country with 345 stores distributed across the country under banners- Liders Hiper, Lider Express, Superbodega Acuenta, and Central Mayorista.

Mark Messina, COO of Geek+ Americas said, “After successful projects in Mexico and the USA and the opening of our Americas headquarters in San Diego, California, we are very pleased to land our first project in South America and accelerate our regional expansion. We are also excited to have been selected by Walmart Chile after a highly competitive tendering process, and look forward to providing their operations with more efficiency and flexibility through our Goods-to-Person system.”

Walmart has long been celebrated for its agile supply chain operations and continues to invest in technology that can help them satisfy customer expectations, especially in regard to the accelerated growth of e-commerce and the need for solutions that can enable responsive and efficient inventory management.

Ignacio Gómez, Supply Chain & Logistics Technology Director at Walmart Chile said, “We look forward to the cooperation with Geek+ as we seek to further streamline our warehouse operations. This is the first time we deploy AMRs in our warehouses, driven by the objectives of bringing flexibility and efficiency to our operations. As with the partnership seen with Geek+ solution in Walmart China, we are confident that this project too, will be a success.”

Geek+ Goods-to-Person Picking System, empowered by Geek+ proprietary smart algorithms, uses P-series warehouse robots to eliminate redundant walking of the picking workers, improve picking accuracy, and reduce labor intensity. The AI-driven system features robot task management, combined order optimisation and picking, inventory management, dynamic wave optimisation, and adjustments of inventory layouts for maximum efficiency.


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