The Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation (DMICDC) Logistic Data Services (DLDS) has completed the milestone of tracking 25 million containers successfully.

DLDS aims at bringing increased visibility and transparency in India’s logistics environment, streamline the operations across the supply chain and aid to the Government’s plan of improving the Ease of Doing Business in the country. The objective is to provide EXIM container visibility service across India along with comparative performance metrics for all logistics container operators to enable the users in making informed decisions.

Logistics Data Bank (LDB), the single window tracking system by DLDS uses RFID and big data technology to track containers across India. It integrates the information available with various agencies across the supply chain to provide detailed real-time information on the movement of containers within a single window, starting from the ports and covering their movement via rail or road until reaching the Inland Container Depots (ICDs) and Container Freight Stations (CFSs). Users can track their shipment through a dedicated website or mobile application.

Speaking on the achievement, Surajit Sarkar, COO, DLDS said, “We are pleased about reaching this milestone. DLDS leverages the best of technology and data management practices to ensure that location data is collated and tracked efficiently in real-time. This allows our customers to plan their deliverables well ahead in time.”

“Initially, Indian Logistics was mired in several complexities and inefficiencies. Delivery of goods used to take weeks with incessant delays with absolutely no real-time tracking mechanism. DLDS streamlined the supply chain and brought that much-needed transparency. We started as a project to streamline vessel operations across the JNPT port, but today we work across 25 Indian ports while handling 96% of country’s total container volume,” Sarkar added.


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