Lufthansa Cargo is aligning its corporate responsibility commitment to the sustainability goals of the United Nations (UN). Within the framework of its Agenda 2030, the United Nations had adopted 17 concrete sustainability goals, covering economic, ecological and social aspects.

The Agenda 2030 aims to end hunger and poverty on earth over the next ten years, combat inequality, strengthen education, health care and the economy and counteract climate change. Lufthansa Cargo has committed itself to anchoring five selected sustainability goals in its corporate activities and to making a substantial contribution to achieving these goals by 2030.

“Lufthansa Cargo actively supports the sustainability goals of the United Nations. We take our corporate responsibility very seriously and have set ourselves the goal of bundling our wide-ranging social activities in the future in five areas that are particularly closely related to the business activities of Lufthansa Cargo. This will make our past and future commitment even more comprehensible,” explained Peter Gerber, Chairman of the Executive Board of Lufthansa Cargo AG. The five sustainability goals (SDG) are the focus of Lufthansa Cargo.

Lufthansa Cargo considers the focus on the five sustainability goals to be an integral part of its business activities. Together with all employees, but also customers and partners, Lufthansa Cargo wants to bundle all activities and successes in the field of sustainability in a targeted manner. “We are proud to have made our contribution to countless large and small projects over the past decades. This has resulted in initiatives such as ‘Cargo Human Care’, ‘Cargo Social Care’, ‘Cargo Crisis Care’ and ‘Cargo Climate Care’, which underpin and demonstrate our commitment to corporate responsibility: Sustainable commitment is part of us and part of our DNA,” said Gerber.

“But we want to continue to make a difference in the future and look for new solutions to develop our industry in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. We also want to tackle where help is needed to promote equal opportunities,” he further added.

Lufthansa Cargo also supports the other twelve sustainability goals of the United Nations and helps them in their daily operations.

The Global Gate which is currently being erected on the Lufthansa Cargo premises at Frankfurt Airport, symbolises in an impressive way the UN’s declared goal of contributing to better economic, ecological and social development with the help of sustainability goals. At 24 meters wide and 20 meters high, it is the largest mobile work of art in the world, created by the well-known young German artist of the contemporary era, the 22-year-old Leon Löwentraut. Its design is based on the Brandenburger Tor.


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