Tej Courier has partnered with Shipsy, a leading SaaS-based smart logistics management platform provider, to digitize core last-mile delivery operations.

Tej Courier, a Ghatge Group company, is a parcel service provider headquartered in Maharashtra. The company has a comprehensive portfolio of priority and premium document and parcel services with a service network that extends beyond urban India to tier-II and III cities.

Currently, Tier-II and beyond cities drive 66% of the total online purchasing demand in the country. Non-urban India is becoming the fastest-growing segment for online delivery services, clocking to a growth of 53% in YoY demand. Having said that, executing delivery operations in these regions has its challenges.

Frequent connectivity disruptions, poor logistics infrastructure, lack of last-mile visibility, and diminishing customer transparency presented challenges in Tej Courier’s delivery execution to tier-II cities.

Shipsy’s mission to help businesses digitize logistics operations is enabling Tej Courier to optimize end-to-end last-mile delivery planning and execution. Its route optimization capabilities are empowering Tej Courier to reduce cost per shipment, gain end-to-end delivery visibility and drive high levels of operational efficiencies. It’s significantly reducing cost per shipment and enhancing customer experience by providing visibility of delivery progress and ensuring flexible and easy payments. Shipsy’s advanced routing capabilities are also increasing delivery productivity by reducing man-hour investments.

“Our network handles everything from life-saving vaccines and essential medicines to high-value items like passports. Therefore, real-time communication is central to trouble-free coordination both internally within the operations team and customer service and externally to the shipper and consignee. We were on a mission to provide customers with delightful delivery experiences and create flexibility for future expansion. Shipsy has been instrumental in shaping our digital transformation journey. Their platform is helping us provide customers with real-time delivery updates, last-mile visibility, flexible deliveries, and more,” says Sadhana Ghatge, CEO, Tej Courier.

Shipsy’s unified customer communication capabilities keep Tej Courier’s consumers updated with delivery progress via SMSs and WhatsApp. It enables customers to live-track their orders using a simple link and boosts engagement by displaying intuitive tracking graphics.

The last-mile delivery platform makes deliveries in tier-II cities fast and flexible by empowering customers to add alternate contacts, pin locations, and reschedule deliveries based on their convenience. It saves costs by validating non-delivery claims made by drivers with end customers. All these optimization pockets enable Tej Courier to deliver the same level of customer experience excellence that urban consumers experience.

“With regards to tier-II and III cities, challenges like lack of efficient logistics infrastructure and inadequate delivery transparency cause significant disruptions in last-mile operations. Hence, digitizing core delivery operations is critical. It improves customer experience, optimizes last-mile costs, ensures high levels of logistics visibility and enhances cash reconciliation operations. Our advanced geotagging and ring-fencing capabilities help businesses significantly boost delivery success percentage in tier II and III regions where address quality is a big challenge,” says Soham Chokshi, Co-founder and CEO, Shipsy.


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