To facilitate assessment of containers requirement as well its fulfilment, Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO) has developed a first-level marketplace wherein exporters can post their container demands online.

The e-module will help in ground level assessment of containers required in the country while simultaneously enabling the exporting community to negotiate competitive quotes for their requirements. The web link has been made live and exporters across the country have started posting their container requirement for various origin-destination pairs.

The containers requirement uploaded through the e-module are also made visible to Shipping lines/ Freight forwarders/others so that they can express their interest to fulfil such demands. This will also help them to better assess the demand of containers in the country so as to meet it with repositioning of containers or bringing empties.

The e-module will also address the issue of container shortage reported by exporters, affecting their shipments and pulling down country’s exports and claims made by shipping lines that they are fully equipped to provide containers between 1-3 days at all locations for all destinations except for few destinations in Africa as congestions and berthing of ships at these destinations is taking 8-10 days time.

Trade & Industry has welcomed the move calling it the timeliest initiative to address biggest supply side disruptions faced by them in the current times.

Details of e-module:


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