Journey so far

I am an Engineer by qualification and started my career as a consultant with a noted IT major. Around a decade back, I was introduced to the mind-boggling and enriching sector of logistics. I joined India’s biggest multinational Allcargo Logistics in 2009 when the Indian logistics sector was in its most exciting phase. Straddling the varied facets of the logistics business has been an exciting and inspiring experience for me.

I moved to the Projects Forwarding Division of Allcargo in 2013 after honing my corporate resource management skills by being part of various business acquisition teams. Since 2016, I am leading the division and have been actively involved in adding new product offering to our service portfolio and expanding our business outreach to new geographies.

Biggest challenge

Port logistics is an inherently challenging sector in itself as we are required to curate bespoke solutions for clients with diverse needs. I believe that the greatest motivating force for me has always been to encourage my team to put their best effort forward, inculcate new skill-sets, drive their efficiencies towards building a customer-centric business model and ultimately create value for our stakeholders.

Definition of success

Success for me is to create value for customers as well as for the organisation, while encouraging and helping my team to do the same. It is my firm belief that a well-defined vision lays the foundation of growth and encourages us to surmount our limits to achieve the impossible.

Values for success

Our organisation is driven by the well-defined values of trust, integrity, team spirit, passion for excellence, respect for individuals, transparency and openness. I relate most to the values of ‘respect for individual’ and ‘passion for excellence’. As we continually endeavour to drive value creation for our stakeholders, these deep-rooted principles remain our guiding force to achieve benchmarks of excellence.

Interests and hobbies

I love to read and travel. Both of these, in a way, allow to me explore and experience something new. I enjoy spending time with my family which really gives the desired distraction and at times, interesting perspectives.

Message for aspirants

The flexibility of the logistics sector lies in its innate ability to adapt to change and enable its workforce to explore and learn new things regularly.

Conventional and outdated business models are being rendered obsolete as digitalisation and technological interventions place Indian logistics sector on a high growth trajectory. As India aspires to become a global logistics powerhouse, the sector presents ample career advancement opportunities for aspirants.

The logistics industry follows the practice of training and promoting low-level employees to higher-level positions allowing them to rise from the bottom of the hierarchy to the top. For anyone wanting to pursue a career in logistics and supply chain, I can say that the current phase is exciting as the sector enters a new era of growth and expansion.


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