Express logistics and supply chain solutions specialist, Gati-KWE – an Allcargo Group company, recently inaugurated its largest Surface Transhipment Centre (STC) spread over 1.5 lakh sq ft and connecting to all major national highways, in strategically located Western Peripheral Expressway in Farukh Nagar.

Set up at the Allcargo Logistics’ 1.8 million sq ft logistics park at Farukh Nagar, the state-of-the-art, tech-driven STC will offer customers the added advantages of optimised supply chains, reduced dwell times and access to all major National Highways and seamless connectivity into the country’s hinterlands.

With no inconveniences of congestion, the STC has been designed in compliance with green norms would provide unparalleled customer service. The facility has been equipped with capabilities to process short-haul cargo deliveries in North India and long-haul cargo movements on a pan-India spread.

“The opening of our first new-age STC at Farukhnagar marks a key milestone in Gati’s history. This will be the first of 12 modern, automated and environmentally friendly STCs we establish across the county as we embark on a new chapter in Gati’s journey. Our focus is very firmly on delivering exceptional customer experience and this phase of modernising our infrastructure will go a long way in ensuring the same. This facility will ensure we offer our customers across North India significantly improved transit times, while simultaneously being located so we don’t congest the NCR region any further with our line haul movements. With a co-located Gati Nivas – as we call our company provided staff quarters – and several technology and automation pilots we are running, Farukhnagar exemplifies the future of Gati,” said Pirojshaw Sarkari, Chief Executive Officer, Gati Ltd.

Gati-KWE’s STC will offer customers the key advantage of speedier freight movement and lower dwell time by facilitating express trucking routes and enabling short-haul cargo transport from the Farukh Nagar STC to Delhi/NCR and entire North India. A tech-driven infrastructure ably supported by automated and paperless processes has enhanced the ability of the STC to process cargo loads of around 1000 trucks per day. The facility also has a throughput capacity of over 15,000 tonnes with the ability to scale up and daily package volume capacity of over 600,000 tonnes. This has enabled Gati-KWE to focus on minimising transit times between far south and north-east regions of the country to North India.

An AI-powered round-the-clock tracking system will enable customers to have access to real-time updates and forecasts facilitating the unloading and sorting of cargo in a timely and convenient manner. Leveraging the potential of deep analytics will help in guiding trucks to ply on the best possible routes while entering the STC and leaving it to make last-mile deliveries within specified timelines.

The express logistics customers of Gati-KWE can get regular cargo movement updates and raise queries on a user-friendly digital interface offered by the STC. Truck drivers can avail of essential amenities like washrooms, rest areas and cafeterias at the facility.

Committed to environmental sustainability and resource conservation, the STC has been designed by Gati-KWE to comply with green norms. The facility has incorporated eco-friendly practices like rainwater harvesting, achieving energy efficiency by using natural light to the maximum extent and economising of resources.

Gati-KWE plans to set up five more similar STCs at Mumbai, Nagpur, Indore, Bengaluru and Hyderabad in the near future.


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