Amazon India announced the launch of its first all-women delivery station in the town of Kadi in Gujarat, operated by a delivery service partner.

This first-of-its-kind station in Gujarat is completely managed and run by women across managerial and delivery associate roles. The associates will deliver packages within a 2-5 km radius of the station.

This is one of the several initiatives introduced by Amazon to create opportunities for women and enable their success in the logistics sector. In 2016, the company had launched the first all-women delivery station in India, with its partner in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

“The launch of the first all-women delivery station in Gujarat is a testament to our commitment to providing women with safe and fulfilling opportunities and we look forward to help more women across communities attain financial independence in life,” said Prakash Rochlani, Director, Last Mile Operations, Amazon India.

The Delivery Service Partner program is a last-mile delivery model of Amazon India, where the company partners with entrepreneurs. For many partners, this program is their first entrepreneurial venture. They leverage the local knowledge of their community and the technological support offered by Amazon India to seamlessly fulfil customer promises.

“Our vision is to enable women to discover meaningful career opportunities across the operations network at Amazon India. We have created more than 6,000 opportunities for women across our network where they continue to thrive and excel,” said Rochlani.

Amazon India has taken multiple measures to strengthen its diversity and inclusion agenda in Gujarat. The company has created opportunities for 200+ women across its fulfilment network in the state.

Recently, the company opened a delivery station, operated by a delivery service partner, in the state which is completely run and managed by transgender individuals.

Amazon India has also provided employment opportunities for former defense personnel and differently-abled individuals across its network in Gujarat. The company will continue to provide meaningful opportunities to individuals in the state from all walks of life.


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