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The new millennial, Gen Z workforce and changing expectations of clients keeps me on...

What motivated you to be a part of this industry? How has the journey been so far? I kicked off my career in the real-estate industry back in 1996. I was a fresh graduate...

More efficient capacity options will become available due to the current situation

The transformation underway is already fostering an entirely new cycle of innovation, not only within the air logistics sector per se but also in the industries attendant to the sector. And of course there is innovation underway...

Customs authorities need to adopt a new role of trade facilitation

In a study, Value of Air Cargo: Air Transport and Global Value Chains, which was commissioned by the IATA and published at the end of 2016, a quantitative link has been identified between a country’s air cargo...

It is necessary to continue with the efforts to defeat any future challenges

Airlines and airports have started the change process slowly, but a lot of digital transformation activities are ongoing in the meantime. Main focus of activities is on customer experience improvements, cost efficiencies, better analytics and revenue optimisation...

Air cargo has turned out to be a hedge for airline operators

AirAsia has been keeping its head and hopes high since the COVID-19 crisis and continuing with cargo-only flights by transporting essential commodities and pharmaceuticals to find a functional cure amidst the challenges of a massive decline in...

Integration of multi-network offerings is going to distinguish intermodality of tomorrow

Logistics is on the cusp of a new generation of intermodality. Findings say the crisis presented opportunities for logistics firms to revisit their business models, enter new markets, and innovate around new service offerings. Apparently, growth strategies...

Stay on course with long-term strategy while catering to short-term needs

Airlines need to grow cargo in an agile way that allows for quick adjustments; pursuing such a play should be seen as part of a wider theme of establishing a more flexible production setup. High fixed costs...

SAF will require a massive increase in production so as to meet demand

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) has already fuelled more than a quarter million commercial as well as freighter flights. In addition, it is fully compatible with existing aircraft and fuel infrastructure. In 2019, fewer than 200,000 tons of...

Providing robust, resilient, sustainable infrastructure to ensure operations is the prime focus

Airport resilience can be defined as the ability of operations and infrastructure to withstand and recover from external disturbances caused by current climate variability and future climate change, including slow onset events and effects of increased frequency...

The entire aviation industry stakeholders are taking advantage of the conveniences air mobility offers

To remain profitable and create value for customers, the air freight supply chain has to effectively build on criteria such as quality, innovation, efficiency, speed, reliability with the vision to be open to all sectors and offer...



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