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P2F: The deal is on customising the future of freight

Industry findings throw light on the fact that almost 200 airlines operated well over 2,500 of the so-called “preighter” flights in 2020. Interestingly, some companies have gone even further by converting their parked passenger aircraft into freighters....

Revitalising operations and scaling up growth in the new normal

Amidst the ongoing third wave of COVID-19 pandemic, it seems logistics companies are hurrying up to redesign and revamp their supply chain operations for enhancing efficiency and productivity levels and also to protect their businesses against a...

Moving Freight Forward

As national freight activity is expected to grow about five-fold by 2050, India’s freight transport ecosystem has a critical role to play in supporting India’s ambitious priorities which include global competitiveness, job growth, urban and rural livelihoods,...

INDIA– An evolving E-commerce opportunity

The e-commerce market in India is strong and growing stronger with predictions that it will be worth approximately US$200 billion by 2027 – it currently stands at US$84 billion. Latest data say, India ranks 44th in e-commerce...

INTRALOGISTICS: Indispensable to Warehousing

Intralogistics is today’s top buzzword in manufacturing and warehousing — but in some cases, buzzwords live up to the hype. Different companies define “intralogistics” in different ways, but the core concept is always similar....

A paradigm shift with an intelligent transport ecosystem

With limited physical infrastructure, new digital infrastructure and processes are needed to increase throughput, reduce friction, and improve transparency and coordination. The evident three pillars to the emerging movement of goods ecosystem: connected community, holistic decision-making and...

From Recovery to Victory: Time is now for the auto value chain

The automotive industry has reached a fork in the road: one path leads to reinvention and success, while the other maintains the current status quo. Business leaders will only have a brief window of opportunity to reimagine...

A full-cycle approach to ordering, pick-up and delivery

There is already a surge for on-demand and instant delivery services across the Indian urban space. With logistics service providers and delivery companies brimming with orders, the strong need for technology-based instant last-mile delivery models has not...

Cargo development programmes put India’s air freight sector into overdrive

Since the last many years, India’s air cargo industry has established its worth internationally and also witnessed a great transformation in terms of infrastructure and throughput capacity—from world-class airports with state-of-the-art cargo hubs and handling capabilities, storage...

BHIWANDI—India’s centralised stocking and distribution point

Though there are similar warehousing clusters in Gurgaon, Bengaluru and Hyderabad, it is Bhiwandi, northeast of Mumbai that is becoming the flag-bearer of India’s booming logistics and warehousing business. There are numerous factors that...



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