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Revolutionising the Shipping sector for post-COVID period

The global shipping industry is sailing through turbulent waters since the last few years. Reduced demand for containers, increased turnaround times at ports, unprecedented fall in crude oil prices, high costs, cargo rollover and blank sailings are...

Strengthening pharma and healthcare logistics capabilities more than ever before

The emergence of the new type of virus at the end of 2019 put significant pressure on the pharmaceutical industry. For the first time in the world’s history, the global pharma industry witnessed the daunting challenge of...

Cross-industry networks accelerating inclusion of the air transport value chain

Encouraging cross-industry collaboration can be difficult with industries that have been traditionally reclusive or independent in nature, but with so much uncertainty about the future, now is the time to reach out beyond usual boundaries and find...

Enhancing the Fulfilment Paradigm at Warehouses

With the intent to improve productivity, increase order accuracy, speed up cycle times and/or reduce safety incidents, a growing number of companies are exploring the notion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) in the...

Air Cargo on Course for the Next Big Things

2020 is going to go down in history as a year anyone in air freight will particularly want to remember. COVID-19 has driven air-freight traffic to historic levels, resulting in a more enterprising industry and IT technology...

Terrific Together in Connecting Continents

Although, the global cargo industry has scaled up its capabilities, collaboration and readiness amidst the COVID-19 gloom, in order to succeed, the global service firms/players need to continue working together as a TEAM in full transparency to...

Logistics of tomorrow need solutions to articulate value proposition

Logistics is experiencing the most vibrant and challenging era. With this backdrop, it is not surprising that demand for logistics service providers (LSPs) is strong and growing. LSPs are aiming to fend off new disruptive competitors by...

From thriving to flourishing: Warehousing sector gears up to serve booming demand

Indian warehousing and logistics sector have demonstrated resilience and continued growth, despite the economic headwinds brought upon by the COVID-19 pandemic. Factors which contributed immensely to this remarkable growth are growth in e-commerce, digitalisation and government’s highly...

E-commerce Logistics: Staying afloat amidst the gloom

Indian e-commerce logistics sector has witnessed tremendous growth in the last one decade. Even during the pandemic, e-commerce adoption witnessed exceptional performance and has spurred more and more people online. According to our compiled reports, e-commerce logistics...

Shared Warehousing: Disrupting traditional with an Airbnb mindset

Every business works in a unique way; some benefit from contract warehousing, while others seek multi-client (shared) warehousing solutions to fulfil their requirements. Multi-client warehousing allows a company to share space with others while offering a flexible,...


Binay Jha joins Avigna Group as CEO and Director of its...

Avigna Group has appointed Binay Jha as Chief Executive Officer and Director for their 3PL and express delivery business- Avigna Space. The...


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