Sam Katgara, 4th generation Owner and Partner of India’s legacy logistics company Jeena & Company, has been awarded Lifetime Achievement Award at the 14th edition of Express Logistics and Supply Chain (ELSC) Leadership Awards 2022, held recently in Mumbai. The two-day event was centered around the theme of ‘People, Process and Technology: Alignment across the Supply Chain’. The award is to felicitate and recognise the exemplary contribution that Katgara has made to the Logistics industry during his journey at Jeena.

Sam Katgara, a 4th generation leader of the Katgara family, has steered Jeena & Company for over 40 years while simultaneously making a significant contribution to upholding the interests of the logistics industry. His deep understanding of the logistics and freight forwarding business in India has led to Katgara holding many notable leadership positions at industry associations.

In the past, Katgara used to be the Chairman of the Federation of Asia Pacific Agents Association (FAPAA), the only Indian to have been in the position since the inception of FAPAA. Additionally, he is also the President of the Air Cargo Agents Association of India and the President of Air Cargo Club Bombay. Currently, he is serving as Board of Advisors in Air Cargo Club Bombay..

Ayesha Katgara, Chief of Corporate Strategy and a 5th generation Owner, Jeena and Company said, “It is an honor to be working with Sam Katgara and his unique leadership style. Sam has worked relentlessly to create an impact on the industry and our company. The most important aspect we have learned under Sam’s leadership is investing in relationships with our people, be it with our workforce or our customers. As an organisation, we understand that mutual growth is paramount to success. We are inspired by his actions and commit ourselves to strengthen the industry further.”


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