Leading tech company in India’s logistics arena, Rivigo has announced the appointment of Prabhav Sharma as new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for its Full Truck Load (FTL) business, effective March 16, 2022. His appointment will provide leadership and strategic direction to scale the crowned unicorn’s asset-light relay-as-a-service model to solve challenges within India’s logistics sector.

Since 2014, Rivigo has aimed to lead the transformation of the logistics sector in India with its global-first relay trucking model and a strong interplay of technology, data, culture and operations excellence to consistently deliver unparalleled delivery times and reliability. The unique relay model also ensures that every truck driver, who is referred to as a pilot, now spends less time away from his family, thereby leading a life of meaning, dignity and respect.

Commenting on the appointment, Deepak Garg, Founder and CEO, Rivigo said, “It gives me immense pleasure to welcome a talented leader like Prabhav to our team. With Prabhav’s global experience in handling the supply chain industry across countries and expertise in improving productivity through technology-led solutions, he is best suited to lead Rivigo’s mission to transform the full truckload segment of the Indian logistics sector. With the success of the asset-light relay-as-a-service approach, I am bullish about implementing relay at scale, and I believe that we’ll be able to drive 100,000 trucks on relay while uplifting the lives of 100,000 pilots, with Prabhav at the helm.”

The FTL segment has gone through a tough period in the last few years and is expected to do very well in the next few years on the back of changing market dynamics. Rivigo’s platform helps stitch the gaps by providing better truck economics to small operators, reliable supply to customers, and a more dignified life for truck pilots.

Expressing his enthusiasm, Prabhav Sharma, CEO-FTL, Rivigo said, “Rivigo’s mission to transform India’s logistics sector by making it human has always resonated with me at a deeper level. I’m thrilled to join this team of committed professionals who want to leverage technology and innovation to drive better truck utilisations while improving the lives of thousands of truck drivers. I hope together we can bring about the change this industry needs to fuel the country’s economic boom.”

A thought leader in the supply chain industry, Prabhav brings 15 years of experience and has also led the supply chain and logistics practice globally for the energy and materials sector, and has pioneered in the development of technology-led solutions to solve problems of network optimisation, end to end supply chain optimisation, and tactical S&OP optimisation, through data analytics and lean management principles. He has been the world’s foremost thinker on the stochastic theory of constraints to debottleneck complex integrated value chains, where he consistently brought about significant uplift in the delivery of production performance.

Prior to joining Rivigo, Sharma led the digital consulting practice for McKinsey Asia. He has an MBA from IIM Lucknow with a specialisation in operations and finance and is a B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering from IIT Mumbai.


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