The Indian Ministry of Civil Aviation, the nodal ministry that is responsible for the formulation and implementation of national policies for the development of and regulation of the country’s aviation sector, in a swift move, appointed Cyrus Katgara, Partner, Jeena & Co, and President of Air Cargo Forum of India (ACFI); Tushar Jani, Group Chairman, Cargo Service Centre and Ex-Officio Member, ACFI; and Keku Bomi Gazder, CEO, AAI Cargo Logistics and Allied Servicces Company Ltd (AAICLAS) and Board Member, ACFI, as three of its air cargo advisors.

The Air Cargo Advisory Group is one of the sub-groups for MoCA that is formed with an objective of knowledge sharing and advisory between public and private sector representatives, so as to find amicable solutions impacting each sector.

Other sub-groups for the MoCa include those for airlines, airports, and MROs (maintenance, repair, and overhaul units), each comprising of select industry leaders, and relevant government officials.

The scope of work of this advisory panel would include:

  • Evolving strategies to ensure the growth of MRO, Ground Handling, Cargo, and FTO sectors.
  • Creating a congenial ecosystem in the country by suggesting regulatory, policies improvements and measures for better efficiency and growth of the sector.
  • Suggesting measures to increase the participation of Indian carriers in air cargo transportation and promote employment growth.
  • Suggesting measures for infrastructure improvement and capacity building for the air cargo sector.
  • Suggesting measures for incentivising domestic air cargo sector growth.
  • Suggest provisioning of improved training infrastructure at FTOs and employment.
  • Suggesting measures to facilitate skill development of instructors
  • Suggesting measures to create a level playing field for airlines to ensure best services at competitive prices, adoption of best practices as per IATA and ICAO standards including the state of the art infrastructure and equipment.
  • Improving aviation services in general.
  • Improving the regulatory provisions.

Just after the second wave, the centre saw a new burst of energies. With Jyotiraditya Scindia, now at the helm of affairs, the sector is looking at fresh dynamism that can take the forward the needs of the country and this sector, which is impacted by the COVID-19 impact.

New ideas, innovation, reformation and great execution would be the need of the hour for the air cargo sector which needs to attain a fast pace and achieve at least three-four times its current rate of cargo handing per year.

An advisory panel with such appointments of industry stalwarts and ACFI board members, would only help in making the system more robust and work in tandem with the country’s vision of to become one of the major global players in the sector.


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