Turkish Cargo has strengthened its strategic partnership with Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform based in Singapore.

As part of the cooperation between Turkish Cargo and Shopee, millions of consumers who have internalised the digital age will be provided with easy, fast, and uninterrupted purchasing experience with the creation of a logistics network that interconnects brands, customers and vendors from all around the world.

Tarık Parlak, Turkish Cargo’s Vice President- Sales (Asia Pacific) said, “We are pleased and excited in taking our strong partnership with Shopee to a new level. We will continue to support Shopee’s growth with our global network and first-class service. Our partnership with Shopee fuels the expansion of Turkish Cargo’s e-commerce business, by further leveraging Turkish Cargo`s unrivalled global network.”

Terry Xie, Executive of Shopee Logistics Service (SLS) said, “This partnership is another strategic initiative to further accelerate Shopee’s strong growth momentum in high-growth markets. With this exciting new partnership, Shopee will be able to connect with more consumers through our shopper-oriented logistics projects that leverage Turkish Cargo’s unique expertise in expanding its network and optimising transportation to meet the growing needs of shoppers for an elevated shipping experience.”

Being one of the significant contributors to the global supply chain sustainability, Turkish Cargo builds air cargo bridges for cross-border e-commerce shipments.

With its unique location at Istanbul Airport, Turkish Cargo provides a flight distance of seven hours to more than 60 capital cities in the world, and offers one of the most effective solutions to its customers by means of partnerships and dedicated services such as TK COURIER and AIRMAIL developed for e-commerce logistics.

Building on its infrastructure, operational capabilities and fleet, Turkish Cargo aims to provide best-in-class services at its new hub SMARTIST which has been designed as to meet the needs of customers and industry partners, and rank amongst key players involved in global competition.


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