While it is trying to compensate any loss of capacity, resulting from the contingency bringing about the effects that are experienced intensely on global basis (COVID-19), Turkish Cargo, the global air cargo brand, is increasing the frequencies of its flights, operated by freighters, for the purpose of avoiding any delay.

Despite the fact that the cargo transportation capacity on board the passenger aircraft is significantly narrowed down due to the travel restrictions across the globe and the decrease in customer demand, the prosperous brand, operating by making use of the 6th freighter fleet with the largest cargo capacity in the world, is now making a planning so as to utilise from all of the freighters in its fleet in full capacity for the purpose of meeting all requirements of the exportation in Turkey as well as the foreign trade that is of critical importance.

Albeit the unusual change of demand, continuing to serve as the solution partner for the Turkish manufacturers and exporters by also complying with the restrictions imposed by the national authorities and the precautionary practices implemented by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey, Turkish Cargo will start to serve for cargo transportation purposes by making use of the aircraft available in its fleet, in addition to its current cargo freighter capacity, which was increased to 25 from 13 during the last 4 years.

Furthermore, being aware of the fact that continuation of the air cargo flow will be life saving during this period, Turkish Cargo supports all of the efforts made by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) for fighting against the corona virus, globally.


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