Korean Air has transported an important COVID-19 vaccine ingredient on 08 December, destined for a production plant in Europe.

The vaccine ingredient was flown to Amsterdam on Korean Air flight 925 under temperatures below -60°C throughout the entire transportation process.

Korean Air loaded the vaccine ingredients in special containers for medical items that maintain cryogenic temperatures below -60°C, and temperatures below -70℃ even without power for 120 hours.

Korean Air’s COVID-19 vaccine transport task force, launched in September, has been preparing for cryogenic temperature transportation of COVID-19 vaccines. “Korean Air’s task force is reviewing all aspects concerning the vaccine’s transport, and we are developing a strong system and infrastructure for its safe and swift distribution,” said EUM Jae Dong, Senior Vice President and Head of Cargo Business Division at Korean Air.

“Korean Air Cargo has a proven expertise in transporting pharmaceutical items, and we were certified by IATA’s Center of Excellence for Independent Validators on Pharmaceutical Handling (CEIV Pharma) last June, a certification for the excellence in air transport of medicines,” Jae Dong said.


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