TCE, one of ECS Group’s ten New Abilities available for individual purchase, is offering a comprehensive pallet of services relating to operational air cargo safety, security, and quality – the three vital aspects when it comes to airline operations.

Over at Frankfurt am Main Airport, one of the world’s key cargo hubs, ECS Group has a dedicated, and certified ground control team of 12 experts providing 24/7 airline support in all cargo operational and quality aspects. 12 international airlines already benefit from a wide range of services such as supplier or handling management, customs reporting (ICS/ACE/AMS/VUCEM/ACI), security filing (PLACI/ACAS/ICS2), quality assurance, load plan creation, contract management, and cargo charter coordination, to name but a few. Certain functions, such as operational supervision, are offered both on-site at hub stations, and remotely.

“Handling supervision is always carried out in accordance with the carrier’s needs,” said Sarah Scheibe, Managing Director of TCE and Director of Global Operations at ECS Group.

“The airline defines the standard, and we ensure that third parties are in compliance during the operational window from cargo acceptance to build up, and from cargo towing to loading. TCE proves its worth when unexpected problems occur during daily operations as these are often complex situations and always under time pressure. We rise to the challenge and coordinate solutions with our external ground service providers and affiliated carriers.”

Longer term audits and risk assessments are another service that TCE offers. The team is fully certified in Safety and Security Management and works with EU (and/or UK) compliant separate checklists in accordance with IOSA/EASA/IATA standards when carrying out quarterly, annual, and biennial audits, or negotiating standard ground handling agreements around the globe for cargo handling.

“Our dedicated ECS Group team of experts is trained to the highest degree in all aspects of airline safety management, from auditing to risk assessments, from operational process standards to legal aspects. Place your audits, contract management, handling supervision, and much more into our capable hands, with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that fully-certified staff are in control,” Sarah added.


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