The US Patent Office has granted Drone Delivery Canada (DDC) a patent related to the company’s drone delivery technology and processes for managing access to one or more UAV zones.
Said Michael Zahra, president and chief executive of DDC: “We are pleased to announce our sixth United States Patent Office grant issued.
“As we further commercialize the business and our solution, technological innovation is a key foundational component and we continue to grow our intellectual property portfolio,”.
The patent’s one or more UAV zones can include a landing zone, a loading zone and/or a take-off zone, as well as battery charging zones for charging the UAV.
The patent further relates to controlling access to the UAV zones in collaboration with a flight management system that is responsive to requests by users to allow access to a selected UAV zone.
A corresponding Canadian application remains pending in this case. DDC is currently seeking patent protection for other aspects of its technology.


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