Oman Aviation Group (OAG) has signed a strategic partnership agreement with leading global logistics service provider DHL, in the field of air cargo at Muscat International Airport. 

As per Oman News Agency report, the agreement seeks to establish an attractive environment for international investors and leading logistics industry firms. It reflects understanding for joint investment and exchange of benefits in the field of air cargo, which is considered a core component of future business growth. 

Mustafa bin Mohammed Al-Hinai, CEO of OAG, said in a statement, “This agreement will contribute to promoting the Sultanate’s attractiveness as a strategic regional business centre for eastern and western countries.  Since its inception in 2018, OAG has set a raft of business objectives aimed at empowering the aviation sector in the Sultanate and contributing to the diversification of sources of income by supporting associated sectors.” 

Mustafa, in the report, had focused on the strategies go in line with Oman Vision 2040 and futuristic goals of economic diversification and development of air cargo infrastructure configuration devised by the National Aviation Strategy 2030. 

“Air cargo is one of the sultanate’s promising economic sectors, even as the Sultanate is gathering momentum in the Performance Index of World Bank. The cargo sector is greatest employer of national manpower in many countries” Mustafa added. 

He explained further, “As a part of OAG’s strategy, investment has been made in the setting up and development of air cargo buildings in Muscat and Salalah to benefit from an increase in air cargo rates expected to reach 730,000 tons by 2030. The National Aviation Strategy, launched in 2020, provided for increasing our current market share in GCC arena and the creation of headways in continents of Asia, Africa and Europe.” 


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