Technology development will be prioritised by Delta Cargo next year with a “dynamic pricing engine” set for launch.

Rob Walpole, vice president at Delta Cargo, said the business has made digitalisation progress, but it aims to further provide differentiated products and services for customers.

“We already have a few initiatives teed up for 2022, including launching a dynamic pricing engine that will help fuel our distribution strategy as well as implementing a loyalty program for our small- to medium-sized customers,” Walpole said.

The airline has also continued to focus on sustainability since becoming the first carbon neutral airline globally in March 2020, he added.

“At Delta Cargo, we began using a 100% biodegradable stretch film and pallet covers in all our stations in 2021, which significantly reduces fossil fuel-based plastic. Since making this change, the Cargo division has prevented the equivalent of more than 12m 16 oz. water bottles from languishing in landfills.”

Delta has also created a fleet plan that foresees significant additional wide-body capacity being added in the next years.

Walpole stated Delta Cargo is on track for its best year ever with record revenues set to exceed US$1bn.  

“Our financial targets for 2022 are even more ambitious – not only through 2022 but through 2024-2025,” said Walpole.

“As we look forward to the next three to four years, we have identified several key opportunity areas that we can work with other Delta partners on (technology, operations and sales, among others), that will help us grow revenue by several hundred million dollars by 2025.”


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