DB Schenker today announced the success of one-of-its-kind charter operation which started in April to extend supply chain support to customers in the Indian healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.

By operating a combination of B747F, A330F and B737F, Schenker India is providing weekly charters from India via Europe to Latin America and connections to China, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore. For timely and quick deliveries, the complete process from charter enquiry to shipment arrival takes only five days.

The service provider continues to deploy weekly charters for both imports and exports between India and the US, Europe and Asian countries, keeping the movement of commodities stable.

In total, DB Schenker provided 1190 flights to secure capacities for its customers in the challenging market environment. Among these were 72 flights of DB Schenker’s China Shuttle that were installed with converted Boeing 767 passenger airplanes by cooperation partner Icelandair.

Vishal Sharma, CEO- Cluster India and Indian subcontinent, DB Schenker said, “Charter operations are our endeavour to overcome supply chain disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and meet the customers’ growing demand for the supply of essentials. Our preparedness with business continuity plans allowed us to schedule exclusive full-charter flights with reliable air cargo solutions to importers and exporters in the country.”

“India is a priority market for DB Schenker globally and with our Global Flight Operations Program we enable our customers in India to keep their supply chains stable,” Sharma added.

DB Schenker’s Global Flight Operations Program connects Mumbai with Frankfurt, Chicago, Atlanta (wheels up-wheels down in 29 hrs) and Dubai (DXB-BOM only) on a weekly basis with guaranteed uplift and capacity. Its extensive network in Europe allows the service provider to connect entire Central Europe within 24 hours upon arrival of its freighters in Frankfurt.


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