DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics announced it will carry out the transatlantic rotation every weekend. Since the end of July, DACHSER had been operating on the Frankfurt–Chicago route as part of its extended premium charter program. Specially chartered Boeing 747-400s have been serving the route as full freighters.

“Today, reliability, flexibility, and agility are more important than ever in the aviation industry,” says Timo Stroh, Head of Global Air Freight at DACHSER. “With this dedicated solution, we can offer our customers a robust and reliable premium air service between Europe and the US and vice versa.”

DACHSER’s dense land transport network enables goods to be delivered from Frankfurt throughout Europe with fixed transit times and quality standards. In the US, DACHSER also serves the Midwest by truck from Chicago Airport via service partners.

Fixed departure times, always on Saturdays from Frankfurt, enable late deliveries at the end of the week and thus reliable planning.


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