Bolloré Logistics Singapore arranged two part-charter flights holding eight temperature-controlled ULDs of pharmaceutical drugs weighing over 13,000 kg to Australia.

Faced with air capacity shortage and restrictions on flow of goods across borders in times of COVID-19, reliability and flexibility is more crucial than ever in logistics. This is particularly true in the case of pharmaceutical products, which are temperature sensitive and require greater care and quality assurance during transportation.

“Operational flexibility, teamwork, and partnerships with key industry players were key factors to success,” the multinational service provider said in a press statement.

In this context, one of the customers faced a challenge to ship directly from USA to Australia. It was understood that any delay would cause additional strain to the supply chain down the pike, ultimately impacting the patients.

The company said its Singapore team devised and proposed a customised part-charter flight solution with eight temperature-controlled ULDs for the shipment of temperature sensitive pharmaceutical drugs. “A solution made possible with the involvement of Bolloré Logistics Healthcare Hub that is located in the Free Trade Zone (FTZ) of Singapore,” it said.

Expedited Delivery with Seamless Connectivity

With lockdowns in place, affected countries had no direct flight options. Bolloré Logistics in Singapore thus proposed a transit solution via its regional hub.

“Within our Healthcare Hub, the team of pharma experts with full on knowledge were tasked to handle the goods with extra care to ensure product safety and integrity for the rest of the journey,” the company added.

To further reduce turnaround time, the committed operations and healthcare teams expedited clearance through the preparation of accurate and thorough paperwork.

“Thanks to our global competency in the healthcare industry, strategic worldwide office structure and the seamless collaboration between the healthcare teams in Bolloré Logistics Singapore and the USA, over 13,000 kg of pharmaceutical drug were successfully delivered within the customer’s expected timeline,” the official release further added.

Lim Zhi Wei, Head of Air Freight at Bolloré Logistics Singapore commented, “We understand the need for speed in transporting medical supplies, and we are more than happy to step forward to provide quick and effective solutions. We will continue to be flexible and remain the trusted solution provider for our clients in the healthcare industry.”


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