Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ANC) is a global cargo hub. The airport solidified that status in 2020 with a 16% increase in cargo transportation year-over-year. The Alaskan airport expects 2021 to also be strong, given its ideal placement for cargo flights.

The most significant driving factor for Anchorage’s increase in cargo was the ongoing health crisis. An increase in the demand for supplies from Asia in the Americas led carriers to add new services where possible, and many carriers even launched cargo-only services.

Much of the cargo moving in and out of Anchorage is destined to arrive in places outside of Alaska. As Anchorage is an excellent stopover point between Asia and North America goods, especially those such as pharmaceutical products and e-commerce freight heading to distribution centers, the airport was well primed to see an influx of cargo in 2020.

However, Anchorage is also important for getting goods to and from Alaska. Leaving Alaska, airlines will fly cargo like wild-caught seafood, some flowers, and other Alaskan exports, while bringing in some crucial resources and goods from the contiguous United States.


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