Amazon Air ramped up its daily flights at the end of November to meet growing demand for the Cyber Monday online shopping promotion.

The Cyber Monday sale, which follows the Thanksgiving holiday in the US, was created by retailers in the mid-2000s to help boost online sales and has grown rapidly each year.

Research from the Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development shows that e-commerce giant Amazon’s air cargo arm operated 209 flights on Cyber Monday and 206 on the following day, which represents a 26% increase since late August.

The increase comes as the company has increased its fleet over the period; growing from an estimated 73 to 81 freighters since late August, an 11% increase.

“Although the fleet still consists primarily of Boeing freighters, it now flies three ATR-72s, turboprops used primarily from Ft. Worth Alliance Airport,” the research states.

Amazon has also been ramping up its inta-European flying, increasing from from eight to 18.5 daily flights thanks to the addition of a fourth and fifth Boeing 737 operated by ASL Airlines.

“As these results show, late 2021 is shaping up to a remarkable period for Amazon and other online retailers,” the Chaddick Institute said.


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