Air Canada Cargo customers can now connect directly and more conveniently with the carrier through its new Application Programming Interface (API) solution.

This API solution will improve efficiency for customers by streamlining manual interactions such as quoting, booking, scheduling, and track and trace requests. It will also improve connectivity and collaboration, as well as the overall customer experience by connecting different systems and processes to offer an enhanced booking flow. By being directly integrated with Air Canada Cargo, customers will be able to reduce the amount of time taken to complete a booking or AWB, resulting in improved efficiency.

“We are thrilled to implement this important technology for Air Canada Cargo and are excited about the role it will play in advancing the industry toward the digitization of processes, and indeed our business as a whole. This will be beneficial for Air Canada Cargo’s valued customers who will be able to take advantage of the many benefits this API will provide,” said Matthieu Casey, Senior Director- Global Sales and Revenue Optimisation at Air Canada.

Benefits include:


The service returns rates and routings based on a shipment search request. This API is used to drive efficiencies to the air cargo quoting process. By using Routing+Price, customers will have access to our available capacity and most up to date pricing in a click of a button.


The service processes a booking confirmation and changes based on a shipment booking or change request. This API is used to simplify the air cargo booking process. By using Booking, you will be able to easily confirm or change your booking.

APIs in development (launching 2022)


The service returns the Air Canada Cargo Flight and Trucking Schedule. This API is used to improve how quickly our schedule can be made public to our customers. By using Schedule, customers will no longer have to wait to receive our schedule as they will be able to retrieve it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Track and Trace Push

The service pushes customisable shipment notification milestones directly to the device of your choice. The API is used to push shipments milestones as soon as they happen. By using Track and Trace Push, you will no longer have to check on the status of a shipment. By having these milestones delivered to the device of your choice, you will enjoy greater visibility and be with your shipment every step of the way.

AWB Completion

The service allows users to make real-time changes to AWB’s up until goods acceptance. This API is used to streamline AWB updates and simplify all of the work involved. By using AWB Completion, customers will be able to easily make updates to their AWB, allowing users to keep up with demands and shipment changes.


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