CargoAi announced that Air Canada Cargo has selected its eBooking and eQuote platform to accelerate eBooking adoption with freight forwarders.

“We’re thrilled to be announcing the partnership between Air Canada Cargo and CargoAi. Both organisations share very ambitious growth plans in the post pandemic months and years to come, as well as a relentless focus on the customer experience. As such we are looking forward to leveraging this alignment in vision and strategy and bring the best digital booking experience to our joint customers,” says Matthieu Petot, CEO of CargoAi.

“We continue to invest in our digital transformation, which is a key pillar of Air Canada Cargo’s strategy as it continues to adapt to the changing landscape in airfreight. We’re looking forward to further leveraging our API capabilities and the opportunity to reach out to additional users via the CargoAi marketplace. We’re continuing to grow our distribution reach and we’re confident that the features available on CargoAi will be well suited to the large range of our product portfolio,” said Matthieu Casey, Managing Director, Commercial – Cargo at Air Canada.

Freight forwarders using the CargoAi solution on the marketplace or via the API Suite integrations not only have the option of making and managing instant bookings for their shipments but can also leverage the built-in eQuote tool to send quote requests on any product, commodity, BUP or shipment size. This scope coverage makes CargoAi a much-needed and unique tool for freight forwarders looking for a one-stop shop to increase the productivity of their airfreight procurement activities.


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