The transport and logistics provider Gebrüder Weiss is taking over the operations of Wolf Internationale Spedition GmbH and Air System Luftfracht Spedition GmbH in the Lower Bavarian town of Straubing.

The companies’ 20 employees possess considerable expertise in international forwarding – in both the land transport and air and sea freight sectors.

The new Gebrüder Weiss branch will be based at a recently purchased 45,000 m² portfolio property in the Sachsenring industrial park.

“Our transfer to Gebrüder Weiss enables us to give our employees a secure future with additional opportunities to advance their careers,” notes Katja Wolf, previous managing owner of Wolf Internationale Spedition GmbH.

“Thanks to the company’s international network and customer portal, we can now offer our customers a one-stop shop serving all their needs”.

In the medium term, between 40 and 60 attractive new jobs are due to be created across the forwarding business at this latest Gebrüder Weiss location.

“With Katja Wolf and her two teams on board, we have an outstanding platform for evolving our new location,” explains Werner Dettenthaler, Regional Manager for Land Transport Germany at Gebrüder Weiss.

“In line with our ‘Best of Both Worlds’ strategy – with its twin focuses on physical and digital competence – we will continue to invest across southern Germany in people, our own logistics facilities and vehicles, all paired with digital services.


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