Unifeeder Group recently announced its new corporate brand family under its group umbrella, aiming to build up a common look and feel throughout the entire company – One Company.

According to Unifeeder, the last half-year within the group has proven that integrating Transworld Feeders, Feedertech, Avana Logistek, Avana Global, and Perma Shipping Line was the ideal match. On July 01, 2021, Unifeeder Group closed the transaction and communicated its strategic expansion by welcoming Transworld Feeders, Avana Logistek and Avana Global into the family. A year earlier Perma Shipping Line and Feedertech were included.

“Merging companies will probably always be a challenging, as well as exciting, task. Doing the same during a chaotic year in the shipping and logistic industry comes with even more excitement. But as One Company, Unifeeder Group is leaving 2021 behind as an improved and stronger company – a more broad, more diverse, and far more global organisation than ever before,” it said.

“The first half year has been a great experience for all of us. We’ve worked hard to service our customers better and have worked equally hard to work on synergies within the organisation. As part of that journey, we are pleased to unveil the new brand identities of the organisation,” stated Unifeeder COO Ritesh S Ramakrishnan.

Unifeeder Group is now, apart from Northern Europe and the Mediterranean, well-established in the trades between India, the Arabian Gulf and Southeast Asia, as well as within the wider Indian subcontinent. The solid foundation is creating enhanced logistic capabilities and the ability to deliver more solutions and flexibility to customers through the combined comprehensive network.


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