Indian Railways has announced that it transported approximately 1150 tonnes of medical items to various parts of the country during the lockdown period.

The items which included medicines, masks, hospital items and other medical commodities were transported through the railways timetabled parcel services.

The zone-wise details are as under:

In addition to playing a significant role in transporting essential commodities to strengthen Government’s efforts in managing the challenges and adverse impact of coronavirus in the country, the national transporter has also been helping people with medical aid whenever necessary.

Reportedly, a parcel train from Ajmer to Mumbai transported skimmed camel milk for an autistic child when his parents resorted for help through social media.

In another instance, a parcel train from Ahmedabad to Ajmer transported medicines for an autistic child suffering from serious ailments and who had his stock of medicines run out, when his relatives sought help from railway officials.


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