In a remarkable turnaround, Indian Railways has earned more revenue in the month of September as compared to last year.

In September 2020, Indian Railways earned Rs 9896.86 crores from freight loading which is also Rs 1180.57 crores higher compared to last year’s earnings for the same period (Rs 8716.29 crores). Despite COVID-related challenges, the increase in freight revenue is 13.54%.

Railways’ freight loading in the month of September 2020 was 102.12 million tonnes, which is 13.59 million tonnes higher compared to last year’s freight loading for the same month (88.53 million tonnes). The increase in the freight loading is 15.35%.

Freight loading includes 42.89 million tonnes of coal, 13.53 million tonnes of iron ore, 6.3 million tonnes of foodgrains, 5.34 million tonnes of fertilisers, 6.05 million tonnes of cement (excluding clinker), 3.85 million tonnes of clinker, and 3.52 million tonnes of mineral oil.

Railways said that improvements in freight movements will be institutionalised and incorporated in the upcoming zero based timetable.

COVID-19 has been used by Railways as an opportunity to improve all round efficiencies and performances.

A number of concessions/ discounts are also being offered by Indian Railways to make railways freight movement more attractive.


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