Thermo King, the transport temperature-control solutions expert and a brand of Trane Technologies, has launched the new SG-3500 generator set for reefers, which is designed to deliver a reliable and cost-efficient source of power.

The SG-3500 is NRMM, EPA and 7-year CARB compliant and includes a high-performance engine that has been tested to run consistently between temperature ranges of -40°C and +50°C.

Terence O’Shea, Genset Product Manager at Thermo King said, “Thermo King generator sets perform a critical role in international refrigerated transport.”

“Built to be reliable, sturdy, and cost effective to run – these technologies power refrigerated containers and ensure temperature-sensitive cargoes are kept at the right condition throughout the journey.”

Making use of a 24.4 horsepower engine, the genset can power all ISO reefers and is available in clip-on and undermount versions.

The SG-3500 comes with a robust steel frame to offer strong protection and tests demonstrated its ability to operate in both climatic and vibrational extremes.

“Compliance continues to be a key consideration for any cold chain operator,” O’Shea said.

“We made sure that by investing in SG-3500 our customers are future ready and are meeting their long term expectations without the need for expensive re-fitting.”

The performance of the unit is managed with an easy-to-use controller which offers a simple and intuitive interface with features like pre-heat function, pre-trip functionality, alarms and advanced diagnostics including self-check capabilities.

Additionally the Thermo King SG-3500 includes a telematics option which offers customers detailed insights into a wide range of key operational metrics.

These include GPS location and geofencing capabilities, fuel monitoring (even when the generator set is off), fuel alerts, continuous monitoring of battery voltage levels, total run hours, engine load percentage and an insight into the genset’s parameters.

Thermo King has an international dealer network offering technical, service and parts support at over 500 service points in 75 countries.


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