Mumbai headquartered Smartr Logistics, a trademark of Smart Express Private Limited, has announced same-day interstate delivery. The logistics firm has been executing multiple inter-state same-day deliveries across the country. Some of the notable routes are from North to South; East to West; Metros to Non – Metros, etc. This has helped Smartr customers in savings by reducing their inventory carrying/working capital cycle by 3-4 days and thereby reducing their inventory holding cost, it said in a statement.

The start-up has also enabled a technology that allows customers to track shipment 24×7, offering best-in-class first and last-mile services to its customers. Yogesh Dhingra, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Smartr Logistics said, “We invest in potential, not just assets. We are optimally using India’s air network to directly connect destinations thus reducing the time for transits and diversions. We also work around customer’s clock, supporting in flexible pickup and delivery timelines. These facilities help our customers with faster and more prompt services. “

Smartr Logistics, a new age, innovative, logistics startup, commenced operations effective end of October 2021, and within 100 days of receiving Seed funding, expanded operations in 45 cities with 75+ service centres. Within a short span of time, the start-up has built a workforce of 600 full-time employees. The Seed fund round of around Rs 100 crores was led by IIFL India Private Equity Fund and Smiti Holding & Trading Company (Jalaj Dani family office). Promoter and Founder Yogesh Dhingra, and other co-founders also participated in this round.

Smartr Logistics has commenced operations of its Air Express products which are Aerex Prime, Aerex Kargo and Aerex eComm. Smartr Logistics also provides same day intracity deliveries. The company is all set to grow in the coming year with a robust strategy to establish a stronghold in the express logistic industry through new-age, innovative and reliable solutions, it said.


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