Shreeji Translogistics has been conferred the Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) certification from Indian customs for its Bonded Trucking operations. With this, Shreeji becomes the first bonded trucking enterprise to achieve the certification.

Shreeji will take this opportunity to provide customers with faster customs bonded trucking services and promote the landing of the company strategies.

To obtain the AEO certification, Shreeji’s bonded trucking services and facility underwent thorough qualifications check. The process included amongst others ensuring appropriate records of compliance with customs requirements and showing prove of appropriate safety and security measures.

The AEO status gives a company and its customers many benefits in customs procedures. Benefits of the AEO certification include: faster service and lower transport costs due to fewer physical controls of goods and documents, reduced theft and losses and fewer delayed shipments. Additionally, the AEO certification allows customs in India to work with companies that can guarantee supply chain security and fulfil the requirements of WCO SAFE FOS (World Customs Organisation SAFE Framework of Standards).


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