In an endeavor to encourage diversity at the workplace, Shipsy, the SaaS-based smart logistics management platform provider, has launched an ambitious program called 2nd Innings. The program opens doors to all professionals who want to return to corporate life after a sabbatical as full-time employees.

The program supports Shipsy’s outreach initiatives to recruit the choicest skillset to meet its rapidly expanding teams and strong upward growth trajectory. It welcomes individuals willing to get back to their professional life, irrespective of age or gender, to work with Shipsy.

“Diversity and inclusion lie at the core of Shipsy. We celebrate and honor individuals’ decisions and commitment towards other important areas of life, be it a family, nation, health, exploring a different career choice, or pursuing a hobby. We believe in creating equal opportunity for all and have made progress towards broader and dynamic representation,” said Soham Chokshi, CEO, and Co-founder of Shipsy.

The 2nd Innings program roots for fair compensation and opportunity by ensuring that the skillset stays the only qualifying criteria for remuneration, not the last-drawn package.

“An average person works over 30 years in their lifetime. So a break can be called just a drop in the ocean. It cannot take away the experience/skills they had developed all their lives. It should neither pose a hindrance to resuming their career nor should be an excuse to negotiate on salary,” Soham added, “There is a vast pool of highly-skilled people who want to return to work. Our remote-first approach and strong virtual onboarding process will help them sail through the initial adjustment phase to assume their new roles with full confidence.”

The organization recently joined the remote-first bandwagon, allowing its employees to work from anywhere in the world. This has also helped the brand rise above geographical constraints and recruit the brightest talent from across the country. Shipsy has expanded its workforce by almost 75% this year through virtual engagement drives, with hirings still underway. The SaaS leader has also invested deeply in product and R&D and is looking to add more talent around new-age technologies such as blockchain, AI, and others.


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