Quick commerce or q-commerce is touted to be the third generation of online ccommerce which hinges itself on the speed of delivery. From delivery in 3-5 days, next day and same day deliveries have become the norm and further pushing the envelope, technology integration is allowing ultra-quick deliveries of within 15 minutes. Retail and QSR clients of LogiNext have reported that owing to this push and use of the transportation automation platform, they’ve been able to reduce delivery times, and overall, a 24% increase has been achieved for under 30 minute deliveries in the last 6 months.

Enterprises and brands in the space of QSR (Quick Service Restaurants) like BurgerKing, McDonald’s and Starbucks have reported a 21% increase in under 30 minute food delivery while a higher growth has been observed in the Retail e-commerce space with a 27% increase for under 30 minute delivery of grocery and other items. On an average, each of these brands make 500k+ deliveries in the country they operate.

Rise in under 30 minute deliveriesQSR (Quick Service Restaurants)Retail and eCommerce
Middle East20%29%

LogiNext’s clients participating in this report are spread across USA, Europe (UK, Germany, Poland), Latin America (Chile, Peru), Middle East (Dubai, Oman, Egypt), APAC (Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, India) and Australia.

In terms of geographies, USA and APAC are seeing the strongest growth while an anomaly in the trend was in case of Europe where quick commerce for the retail space hasn’t seen as much growth compares to its counterpart. APAC saw the highest growth rate for under 30 minute deliveries in the QSR segment while USA saw the highest growth in the retail segment.

“The LogiNext platform helped us undergo a rapid digital transformation journey and eliminate a lot of manual tasks which were holding back our delivery times. We’ve registered a sharp 35% increase in under 30 minute food delivery which has enhanced the end customer experience multifold,” says the Digital Transformation team at McDonald’s.

“Speed of delivery is the measure of quick commerce but what it signifies is the digitisation and automation of operations with the strengthening of the supply chain. We’re thrilled to partner with some of the most progressive brands to integrate technology and be at the forefront of the quick commerce wave which inherently means building a solid logistics infrastructure,” says Dhruvil Sanghvi, Chief Executive Officer at LogiNext.

LogiNext, a global last mile delivery automation platform helps brands and enterprises in digitising and automating delivery management with features like route optimisation, delivery driver management, and actionable reports and insights to streamline the supply chain.


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