Kleinschmidt Inc., a leading provider of EDI and supply chain integration solutions, has announced the debut of its FreightLaunch mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

Built to expand access to the FreightLaunch EDI Enablement platform, this addition to Kleinschmidt’s integration technology toolset delivers an on-the-go paperless freight process by enabling motor carriers of all sizes to meet EDI requirements anywhere at any time.

Through a single point-to-point connection with Kleinschmidt, shippers and retailers can utilize FreightLaunch to seamlessly enable their preferred carrier community to participate in the digital freight tendering process without interrupting existing data workflows, with the mobile app now allowing carriers of all sizes to satisfy the electronic document requirements of the shipment process such as tendering, shipment status updates, and invoicing.

“In developing FreightLaunch Mobile, our mission was to decrease friction in the overall freight movement timeline and increase participation in the digital shipment process by enabling even the smallest personnel-limited carriers and operators to forgo paper processes by providing the electronic documents required by shippers,” said Kleinschmidt Director of Marketing Phil Johnson.

“The FreightLaunch platform laid the groundwork for increasing carrier EDI participation and reducing paper processes.”

“Now, as the supply chain continues to experience ongoing capacity limitations, shippers are even more reliant on using technology to expand their carrier pools, and the accessibility offered by FreightLaunch Mobile enables them to cast an even wider net without interrupting current processes or expending limited resources in onboarding carriers.”


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