Part of the CMA CGM Group, a world leader in shipping and logistics, CEVA Logistics, the top-ranking global 3PL has a solid reputation of being versatile at logistics execution across the service lines as it runs highly professional, responsive logistics combined with innovative operational and delivery solutions. Across cross-functional teams, the company have set-up well-structured strategies and business models to continue to build upon their capabilities, regional coverage and industry specialisation, and are adept at offering services for a variety of project logistics segments. CEVA is known to invest in innovative mechanisms and capabilities to advance the art of logistics in the industry and deliver round-the-clock solutions for customer’s critical shipments where failure is not an option. All these factors have strongly contributed to the company’s growing success and leadership in the market and are a confirmation of the futuristic portfolio and services and solutions CEVA is diligently implementing in order to better serve customers, notably through strategic acquisitions and many internal operational, technology, and product development initiatives.

Strong upturn in Project Cargo activity highlights India’s efforts to prioritise Sea Logistics and Nodes

Ocean freight facilities such as seaports certainly play an important role in many Project Logistics movements but because of the landlocked nature of much of the country’s hinterland, it’s their gateway status that is the key. From such logistics hubs/nodes, project logisticians can easily establish reliable connectivity with onward rail and road capabilities, to final destination.

The key difference between India and other Asian countries across the Project Logistics landscape lies in the scale and implementation requirements of projects, further taking into account the enormous distances between locations within India. Secondly, project teams in India are more cost-conscious than their global peers, making ocean an attractive option. Furthermore, India has built a reputation for being better buyers than other Asian countries.

Infrastructural evaluations and continuous improvements to Expedite Overall Performance

Well, we will have to continue check on port conditions, road capabilities, certifications and local laws, procedures and processes, as well as sea and river conditions that could affect, for example, barges transferring project cargo.

Airports do play an important role in project movements, but limited simply because of the capacity constraints of cargo aircraft. They are best suited to emergency shipments where they are likely to play a vital part in the bigger picture.

I believe, it is important to ensure the availability of specialist equipment to handle out-of-gauge and project shipments through airports.

CEVA Logistics: Leadership teams with Empirical Knowledge with tact and diplomacy to achieve win-win outcomes

One of the biggest differentiators between CEVA Logistics and other players in the market is the fact that we are multinational and widely operate, boasting a specialist dedicated team standing tall in terms of knowledge, skills, and experience related of project movements. Their expertise gained from many years of working in the field means that they can implement thorough, knowledge-based logistics planning to achieve the required end result. Now, that enables us to provide customers with options to move their large complex project cargo in the most cost-effective way to any remote area of the globe.

Our teams in India, alongside their global CEVA colleagues, have nurtured deep knowledge of compliance issues relating to local and international laws and regulations, trade compliance and company code of ethics.

Additionally, being a part of the CMA CGM Group who places the highest value on ethical conduct in business, we work in parallel to promote a strong and clear set of values and commitment to ethical business practices and that, of course, includes project cargo movements.

Problem Solving is the essence of What We Exist to Do as we tackle them head-on

Our teams are highly-trained and can provide customers with everything they need from on-site export packing, surveys, road freight or barging, all the way through to charters and part-charters. They are equipped to design integrated best-in-class solutions that precisely meet customer’s requirements, and can solve complex issues and problems creatively. As with the rest of the CEVA Logistics global network, our teams can provide complete visibility from concept to execution right through to final destination, exemplifying the effectiveness of levels of engagement and control over processes.

We, currently, have two container freight stations (CFSs) for the storing of cargo, and strong and strategic relationships with our dedicated partners whose ground equipment we use for our road transportation needs. We also have our own customs house agent (CHA) licence.

Marching forward through the Lens of Reputation and Best Practices

Going forward, intermodality is not really an issue as the transport method most suited to individual shipments and their movements will always be part of the appropriate solution in the projects sector. Only that, local players without solid international connections are not likely to have the necessary expertise across the sector.

Project movements by their very nature are likely to be international as they often involve highly custom-made equipments being shipped between locations. Therefore, the services of specialist global 3PLs such as CEVA Logistics, who really understands the market, are likely to be even more in demand in the coming years.


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