Legacy freight forwarder and supply chain solutions provider, Jeena & Co announced it is geared towards enhancing its 3PL and warehousing offerings in 2022, with the focus on building efficient supply chains. Leveraging its superior positioning and access to seven key warehouses across metros like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai and Kolkata, Jeena & Co aims to expand its 3PL service offerings to a plethora of sectors, including healthcare, FMCG, e-commerce, and automobile manufacturing, among others.

“Since the advent of the global pandemic, a lot has changed across sectors, including the way logistics and supply chains function. Our new strategy towards 3PL is designed to align with the dynamic need of businesses across the world, starting with our current clients. We are looking forward to enhancing our ability to meet the long-term growth plans, and evolving customer needs, while striving to promote greater transparency and seamless operations across the supply chain networks, by leveraging both technology innovations and our deep domain expertise that stems from over 120 years of experience in the business,” Hector Patel, Board Member, Jeena & Co said speaking about the vision for their 3PL offerings and the need for modern warehousing.

Jeena & Co caters to its clients with its extensive warehousing services that include multi user facility, dedicated/customised warehouse, bonded warehouse, temperature control warehouse, automobile warehousing, in plant warehouse and warehouse design and layout. With warehouses and distribution centres powered with state-of-the-art technology, Jeena’s order fulfilment services are designed for ecommerce orders, online channels such as Amazon and Flipkart, CKD operations, subassembly operations for 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers, dealer and distributor orders, modern and general trade orders, project site orders and gifting order fulfilment.

Jeena’s expertise in automobile warehousing and assembly management has positioned itself as a reliable supplier of overseas assembly plants and replacement parts for 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers for automobile factories. Backed by cutting-edge picking systems, the company effectively fulfills the needs of more than 40 first tier suppliers and seven OEMs with multi-JIS centres that sequence parts and modules into parts-specific sequencing frames.

Among the top industries that Jeena & Co caters to are personal care and cosmetics, electronics and consumer durables, kitchen and home appliances, NON-HAZ chemicals, food and FMCG, apparels and fashion, footwear and pharma. With a strong focus on growth and customer satisfaction, Jeena provides an extensive range of value added services (VAS) that acts as a catalyst for supply chain optimisation. These include barcoding and scanning, labelling, palletisation, fumigation, kitting and assembly, QC, ironing, refurbishing, transportation, repairs, RTO processing, packaging and repackaging.

Jeena’s integrated supply chain solutions and digital capabilities has enabled the company to bridge the gap in order fulfilment with its broad range of offerings. The company currently boasts of a dispatch accuracy rate of 99.97% and an inventory accuracy rate of 99.98% with an impressive success rate on order fulfilment. Armed with expertise that spans across B2B units and D2C orders fulfilment, Jeena & Co can effortlessly manage upto 90 tonnes per day and has fulfiled 5000 D2C orders till date. From product tracking to complete optimisation of the process, Jeena’s comprehensive solutions are geared towards enhancing operational efficiency.

In addition, Jeena & Co has deployed enhanced safety measures, HHT and WMS systems, a specialised SCM team, Material Handling Equipment, ERP and accounting and real time reports visibility to integrate and optimise every touchpoint between its customers. From air to ocean freight and warehousing, Jeena & Co connects its customers with an array of distribution and storage facilities with a wide network spread across key locations in India.


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