Turkish Cargo’s ecological policies that are being implemented within the framework of its activities worldwide was recently crowned with an award.

The carrier was selected as the best air cargo brand in Europe and deemed worthy of the “Sustainable Cargo Airline of the year 2022: EUROPE”at the Freightweek Sustainability Awards 2022.

The winners of the Freightweek Sustainability Awards, held on yearly basis by the Freightweek magazine, are selected upon the votes of the readers and the participants from each field of the air cargo ecosystem. The prestigious awards program incorporates overarching categories that cover the top-ranking air cargo brands, airports, handling companies, container and ULD vendors in respect of sustainability, as well as all stakeholders of the air cargo operations such as air cargo technologies, drone technologies, storage services.

Turhan Ozen, Chief Cargo Officer of Turkish Airlines remarked, “Already honored with the “Best Air Cargo Brand in Europe,” Turkish Cargo has now been awarded with the “Sustainable Cargo Airline of the year 2022: EUROPE” prize by Freightweek Sustainability Award 2022, in recognition of its contribution to making the world a better place to live in. Congratulations to all our employees who have contributed to deserving this award.”

“During the last decade, our carrier has been developing its operations worldwide and is now operating more than 340 destinations globally. With innovative approaches, we aim to deliver effective solutions to our customers and industry partners. Within this scope, Turkish Cargo has recently inaugurated its new hub, SMARTIST, at İstanbul Airport. This new facility is a major example of the brand’s commitment to offer high-end services, enhanced with smart technologies and digitalisation to shape the future of the global air cargo business.”

Leveraging Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology that enhances the business quality and enables the employees to focus on the processes with a higher added value, Turkish Cargo maintains its journey to the future more robustly by making use of the software robots in its business processes. The software robots, called as metal-collar, can execute the business processes which are routine, manually-performed and repetitive, on 24×7 basis, and act in harmony with the white-collar employees. Thus, enhanced business processes are being conducted in terms of quality, speed, productivity and digitalisation.

At the same time, working in partnership with leading active and passive container suppliers in the industry, Turkish Cargo has made the choice of environmentally-friendly containers for the transport of the temperature-sensitive cargo. Such containers, some of which are battery-powered and operated by charging while some are equipped with dedicated cooling plates, also allow for re-use. Thanks to such containers, temperature-sensitive cargo is shipped without carbon emission and within the desired temperature range from the point of origin to the destination in an environment friendly way.

Turkish Cargo materialises many projects by adopting its mission to protect and conserve the human and the planet as its first priority. By means of sustainability projects and programmes it has introduced into business processes, the carrier has been transforming its sustainability culture into a more comprehensive and rooted modality.

Thanks to its carbon emission balancing program, high level of sustainability certificates alongside the sustainable and ecologist model it has adopted by supporting social responsibility projects which are in progress in various fields at present, Turkish Cargo is committed to leaving a cleaner world for the future.


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