Skyways Group is hosting its first corporate cricket event, ‘SLS Cricket Tournament 2022’, starting 15th April 2022. Eight leading corporate teams shall be competing in a series of matches over the next 15 days.

There’s ample research to support that sports activities can help in team engagement and collaboration. Besides team engagement, there’s also the upside of physical exercise that helps reduce stress, and channelises energy in a positive way. Sports leagues can also help employees gain confidence in their work and encourage trust and camaraderie between teams and the leadership.

Keeping in mind the importance of sports in team-building, SLS Cricket Tournament 2022 aims to boost team engagement, help employees fight stress, all the while celebrating new leaders.

The teams comprise of the following logistics brands:Qatar Airways, CELEBI Delhi Cargo Terminal Management, Sultan of Shores (Players comprising of CMA CGM and Braceport Logistics), SpiceJet, MSC – Mediterranean Shipping Company, DCSC – Delhi Cargo Service Centre, Shipping Titans, and Skyways Group (players comprising of Skyways, Forin Container Line and sKart Global Express).

It will be a day and night tournament with three league matches per team and 20 overs per side. The league matches has been ongoing and was organised on the 15th, 16th, 17th, and the last two matches will be held on the 23rd and 24th of April 2022. The semi-final matches will be played on the 29th April 2022 and the final match of the tournament on the May 01, 2022.

During the unveiling ceremony on Friday, the Champions Trophy of the coveted tournament was unveiled and jerseys were distributed to the participating teams.

“The thought behind organising the cricket tournament was not just fitness but a team building initiative and engagement with our colleagues and the logistics fraternity. Our industry is very demanding and drains energy from everyone. This tournament will not just bring everyone closer but also give them time to step away from work and have some fun. Cricket is a passion for most of us and it’s a great feeling to be involved as a player especially in an activity that we immensely enjoy,” said Yashpal Sharma, Managing Director, Skyways Group.


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