Express delivery giant, DHL is expecting increase in online shopping and rise in shipping volumes during the upcoming peak season 2020.

The continuing growing levels of globalisation and digitalisation result in strongly increasing number of merchants selling globally and online marketplaces, such as shopping apps via which customers can choose from offerings all around the world.

DHL said in a statement, “As a consequence, cross-border trade has continuously grown over the last years. Further, due to this year’s predominating uncertainties coming with the pandemic, consumers are shifting their shopping activities to the online world like never before. This will particularly apply to the upcoming popular mega shopping days such as ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’ as well as to the whole Christmas shopping season. As a result, DHL Express is expecting an all-time high in e-commerce trade around the globe. Having already experienced around 35 per cent e-commerce volume growth in 2020 in its network, the upcoming peak season will further accelerate this and result in higher shipment quantities above 50 per cent compared to last year’s peak season.”

John Pearson, CEO at DHL Express said, “Megatrends such as globalisation and digitalisation have an enormous impact on global trade. In recent decades, we have seen how globalization, increased trade and interaction have raised prosperity and choice, reduced poverty, cultivated diversity and enriched lives. At DHL Express, it is our mission to enable global trade and support our customers during the most important days for their business.”

He added, “We make sure that goods are delivered as fast as possible – and Christmas gifts are being delivered to households all over the globe in time. We are proud of the strong commitment of our employees and couriers who are out there to fulfil our mission of connecting people and improving their lives. In times when the coronavirus hits both economy and private lives, their efforts are outstanding.”


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