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The unprecedented chain of events had us innovate critically

Despite current challenges, Emirates SkyCargo’s freighters and cargo-only flights to Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai, and Thiruvananthapuram continue to ensure the flow of essential commodities from across the far corners of the world to and from India, while...

Those who are playing a catch up game will continue to struggle

The industry and stakeholders should attempt to consider the transformation in the aftermath of the coronavirus outbreak through a positive lens in order to improve supply chain and logistics management so as to provide high-value and even...

Speed and Velocity are the two main strategies

We have end-to-end solutions for our customers, therefore, early attention to source points and destination infrastructure issues are the main reasons why we have emerged as the selected provider, says Gary M Goldfarb, Chairman of the board...

This new reality requires strategic solutions to maintain control

Breathing supply chain and logistics since 1900, Jeena & Company is the largest custom house agent in India and the biggest national air freight forwarder in the global market. The company is a one-stop-shop for all import...

Technology is the only thing that can hold logistics networks together

Digitalisation and smart transportation solutions might be the answer to several issues this pandemic has unveiled. Given the circumstances, logistics professionals and respective industries faced the need to change and adjust to a new status. Huned Gandhi,...

Real-estate developers will now look into diversification and newer opportunities

The warehousing and industrial infrastructure landscape is changing. Scarcity, cost, and complexity, are not the only influential factors. The liquidity crisis due to pandemic has further worsened the situation and a new wave of consolidation has kicked...

Our long and short-term rental solutions play a major role

A crisis of this scale has forced companies to reimagine business models, not just for short-term survival, but for long-term resilience. Reliable estimates cannot currently be made about the business development over the remainder of the year,...

We remain very bullish on the future of Indian aviation

In the wake of the coronavirus crisis, the country’s largest airline had struggled hard to perform better by taking various measures like cost optimisation, efficient fleet management, maintaining liquidity, ensuring levelled cargo capacity and experimenting with new...

We are optimistic that we will bounce back stronger

With around 200 dedicated and highly motivated personnel working in shifts, GHIAL together with GMR Hyderabad Air Cargo is working round the clock in close coordination with the ground handlers, forwarders, customs house agents (CHAs), regulators, state...

Continuous transformation in this unpredictable VUCA world will help us spring forward

“Crisis is an opportunity riding on a dangerous wind”. In order to sail through this critical period as well as maintain innovation during these crisis conditions, companies have to be able to quickly setup up digitally-driven platforms...


Brussels Airport records rise in cargo volumes for the 4th consecutive...

Brussels Airport has reportedly recorded rise in cargo volumes for the fourth consecutive month this year, from January to September volumes were...


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