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Standardisation and improved capacity utilisation will help in maritime recovery

The COVID-19 crisis literally had an adverse effect on the global trade with the maritime industry facing the biggest setback in years. Though the industry is trying its best to adjust to the new normal by scaling...

India’s cold chain ecosystem augments capacity

The lack of ultra-cold freezers needed to store and distribute potential vaccines in the pipeline may seem like an obstacle in India’s race to defeat the coronavirus. But with the capability of distributing hundreds of millions of...

Benefits galore, once towards responsible and sustainable supply chains

As global supply chains bocome ever more diverse, interconnected and far-reaching, business opportunities have accordingly flourished. However, the rise of the ‘consumer class’ has both driven and presented a challenge to procurement-- how can sourcing meet demand...

India’s perishables market make strides against COVID-19

Demand for perishables has surged in many markets as lockdowns, meat plant infections and logistics problems aplenty – particularly a scarcity of uplift – have added to pressures on the supply chain, while the closure of many...

Changing landscape of Warehousing and Contract Logistics: A multidecadal perspective

In the past two decades, warehousing has steadily evolved from being carried out in run-down ‘Godowns’ to modern structures which are compliant with global standards. This shift has been aided by the implementation of the GST reform...

Forwarding Faster Forever: In a rapidly evolving situation

Freight forwarders in 2020 are facing an increasing number of challenges that keep growing as the years go by—the only significant difference between 2019 and 2020 is the frightful COVID-19 pandemic. Profitability in the high-volume, low-margin freight...

Perfecting the pharma supply chain: For driving process excellence

Providing adequate supplies of pharmaceuticals has taken on accelerated precedence in order to satisfy demand, not just domestically but also internationally to countries without the facilities to manufacture certain drugs in sufficient quantities. As other sectors adjust...

ACS: Creating competitive advantage for air freight communities

Owing to multiple stakeholders involved in cargo operations, each shipment, on an average, requires over 30 types of documents in multiple copies, resulting in significant duplication of documentation. It also leads to increased dwell time and supply...

LCL shipping: A competitive business during COVID-19

Soaring airfreight rates have left some commodities on the ground, but expedited ocean services are emerging as viable and cost-effective alternatives with a faster reach for moving cargo to destinations across the globe. In recent months, shippers...

COVID-19: Triggering the next paradigm shift in procurement

Much like the current global disruption, the financial crisis of 2008 was the last trigger for drastic changes in procurement operating models. As the revenue streams of many multinational companies began to dry up and margins were...


GMR Hyderabad Air Cargo ensuring an unbroken supply of pharmaceuticals

GMR Hyderabad Air Cargo is working round the clock in close coordination with the customs, ground handlers, forwarders, customs house agents (CHAs),...


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