V-Trans India today announced it has adopted the ESG (Environmental Social Governance) strategy to contribute to the environment and build sustainable logistics solutions, highlighting some of the group’s ESG initiatives that demonstrate the company as a socially responsible and ESG compliant player in India.

Being a visionary integrated logistics service provider, V-Trans understands that logistics is one of the key industries that drive the business of any industrial player. It reaches out to the customers or clients by delivering the required products and goods at the right time, at the right place, and in the right condition. The industry is looked upon now for addressing the environmental issues and preparing itself to serve the clients while ensuring sustainability.

Against this backdrop, V-Trans continues to deploy innovative and futuristic thoughts in its business processes and social responsibility-based activities.

V-Trans tries to implement an environment-friendly approach in every walk of logistics service and as a part of it, the company highly concentrates on its fleets and makes sure that the vehicles emits a very minimal amount of smoke. “We carry out various methods like not getting into overloading to avoid unnecessary smoke emission, and as a part of being an alternative fuel resource we use a good number, of CNG vehicles, almost 25% as our fleets. As a pioneering step in B2B logistics, we have also piloted electric vehicles for last-mile deliveries,” the company said in its statement.

“We arrange technology the right way that it highly assists our front-line employees to carry out end-end logistic operations in a seamless, mechanised way, and this approach helps us to not just enhance the productivity of our business but also allows our workforce to focus on more important and productive tasks.”

The company has installed renewable energy production with solar panels on various premises. 40% of electricity usage is being generated through solar in these facilities, including the corporate office, which is also a US-based LEED-certified building.

One of the most important natural resources is water, and high time to preserve it was yesterday. V-Trans knows the importance of this resource and hence has implemented rainwater harvesting techniques in various branches and fulfilment centers, to ensure its highest optimal usage.

V-Trans is also taking all the necessary measures to enrich the life expectancy and increase the count of greeneries in our country, and as a part of it, the company has involved in providing seed samples to all its employees during its annual meetup. “As a result of it, we have planted thousands of plants across the country. We have also tied up with an NGO “Sankalp Taru” and planted 3500 fruit trees in drought areas, this gives a 2-way benefit. On one hand, it greenifies the environment and on the other, it becomes the source of income for poor farmers,” the statement read.

V-Trans says it has a certified partner for recycling all its e-waste anywhere in India, proving helpful in avoiding hazardous trash. “V-Trans is taking all the required measures to avoid plastics in its day-day life, and we, on the other hand, maximise the utilisation of alternatives like glasses, and metal usage wherever we can. We carried out step by step approach in moulding our employees to bring in the habit of avoiding plastic at least in their professional life,” the statement added.

Furthermore, to take care of the health and mental wellness of colleagues, V-Trans says it conducts health awareness campaigns, health consultations, and mental wellness programs for our front-line workers, especially truck drivers.

“Our efforts on ESG front have been recognised and appreciated by prestigious industry bodies, like CEAT for being extraordinary in the area of environment conservation,” the company said.

“We had earned the “Jamanalal Bajaj Uchit Vyavahar Purashkar” since the last two years from the Council for Fair Business Practices (CFBP) for always being an ethical logistic player.”

“Some of our top clients who are the leaders in promoting sustainability also noticed and recognised our work. We won Henkel Sustainability Champions Award and also received the trophy for “The Best Socially Responsible Partner” from Dow,” it added.


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