Volga-Dnepr, one of the largest groups of air cargo carriers with expertise in integrated logistics services, has offered an effective solution to transport special equipment for the production of liquid medical oxygen.

The dedicated cargo weighing over 16 tonnes has safely arrived aboard Il-76TD-90VD from Shanghai (China) to Mineralnye Vody (Russia) to be further transported to Nevinnomyssk – the construction site for the future plant built by Medical Oxygen, LLC with support of Arnest Group.

The Volga-Dnepr’s specialists have been working in close cooperation with the customer to map out possible delivery options, choosing the most appropriate aircraft type, dealing with terminal handling in the airport of origin and organizing last-mile delivery from the airport of destination to Nevinnomyssk.

Ekaterina Andreeva, Commercial Director of Volga-Dnepr Airlines, highlighted: “The experience and expertise of our team enable us to expand our boundaries from air freight to more complex integrated logistics solutions.

“In the case of medical equipment transportation, there is no time to lose. Our structured relations with suppliers and in-depth understanding of each supply chain step allowed us to organize this transportation smoothly and effectively, paying particular attention to 120 km last-mile delivery.

“For us, healthcare projects are a top priority as they are all part of our life-saving logistics strategy aimed at overcoming the pandemic and its consequences”.

It is expected that the first production line of the plant will turn out up to 10 tonnes of liquid medical oxygen per day with further plans to upscale it to 20 tonnes per day.


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