British Airways had added two Boeing 787-10 aircraft to its fleet at the start of July and is using them to transport cargo with the help of its partner business, IAG Cargo.

IAG Cargo has found the Boeing 787-10 to be useful for moving cargo around, given its increased payload capabilities. The airliner can hold up to 13 pallets of cargo, with a maximum take-off weight of over 250 tonnes, 22 tonnes more than the Boeing 787-8.

IAG Cargo Network Manager, Nic Nyamatore said, “The new Boeing 787-10 offers more cargo capacity in the bellyhold, all while being more fuel efficient – an essential move when getting our customers’ freight where it needs to be.”

IAG Cargo and British Airways have been working together with Boeing to make the most of the 787-10 as a cargo aircraft. According to the IAG Cargo, the group has been building a complete understanding of the capabilities of the plane, including its uplift and volumetric limitations.

They have been working to understand how the aircraft can be used to carry everything from from AVI for animal transportation, to Constant Climate for precious pharmaceuticals, to perishables which require dry ice solutions.

Since entering service, British Airways has primarily been using the 787-10 for services to and from Dallas.In the past few days, one has also been flying to Seattle.

The 787-10s along with the 777-300s are currently British Airways and IAG Cargo’s largest freight-carrying aircraft in the absence of any dedicated freighters.


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