Frankfurt Airport officials are gearing up to handle the process of transporting millions of the vaccine that will be available worldwide from different locations.

Frankfurt Airport is one of the busiest airports when it comes to transporting pharmaceutical goods and will be playing an important role in transporting the COVID-19 vaccine.

“The stress is increasing now that we’re entering the ‘hot’ phase,” expressed Lufthansa Cargo’s director of operations, Karin Krestan in a statement.

Officials have also claimed they been preparing themselves for this since August. “The processes have been established, we’re very confident and we feel well prepared,” said Max Philipp Conrady, head of the freight infrastructure.

Officials have been working extra hours since the beginning of the pandemic, to make sure all medicines are delivered on time, including surgical gowns, masks and making sure the port is ready for any emergency.

The main area needed in this process is the ‘Cargo Cool Center’ which is a vast temperature-controlled hangar and can handle nearly 120,000 tonnes of vaccines and other pharmaceutical products.

“It has 12,000 square metres (129,000 square feet) of temperature-controlled warehouses, essential for storing medicines, and about 8,000 square metres (86,000 square feet), around the size of a football field, handles Lufthansa cargo alone,” Krestan said.


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