CEVA Logistics opened its latest temperature-controlled airfreight station adjacent to Singapore’s Changi Airport, in a move to position the country as a strategic healthcare logistics hub for the Asia Pacific region.

CEVA’s latest cold station lies within the Free Trade Zone of the Airport Logistics Park of Singapore, facilitating seamless regional distribution in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region and providing in-transit storage, value-add services and quick turnaround times for connecting to global markets.

This year, on World Health Day, CEVA Logistics announced a new subbrand for its healthcare logistics services, as it aims to place the patient at the center of the supply chain.

Aptly named FORPATIENTS, the new subbrand will provide end-to-end logistics solutions to healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, including temperature-sensitive solutions, pharma and biopharma, medical devices, consumer health, hospital and home care, as well as diagnostic and laboratory services.

CEVA’s growing network of cold stations is in direct service of its Temperature Sensitive Solution, a pharmaceutical logistics offering ensuring that temperature-sensitive shipments across ambient and chilled conditions are maintained in their optimal environments throughout shipment.

Additional stations in Atlanta, Chicago, Frankfurt, Madrid, Budapest and Mumbai are scheduled to open in the coming months.

To meet the demands of healthcare and pharmaceutical customers, the new station is composed of two distinct areas dedicated to temperature management of shipments within the ranges of 15 to 250C and 2 to 80C.

CEVA will continue to focus on the spectrum of products requiring a range of 2 to 8 degrees Celsius, including certain COVID-19 vaccines, although the company provides solutions for other products, including vaccines requiring lower temperatures throughout transport.

Elaine Low, Managing Director for Southeast Asia and Pacific, CEVA Logistics said, “As CEVA’s first airfreight cold chain facility in Singapore, this is a timely investment for healthcare logistics. This air hub is now capable of supporting the regional distribution of vaccines and other pharmaceutical supplies that are critically needed in Southeast Asia at the moment.”

“In addition, our healthcare customers will benefit from the range of value-added services, such as dry ice, relabelling and cross-stocking within the free trade zone.”

Niels van Namen, Executive Vice President of Global Healthcare, CEVA Logistics commented, “Our FORPATIENTS commitment is driving our investment in healthcare logistics. These airfreight cold chain stations are just one more example of how we put the patient first, even in the supply chain.”

“We have the expertise and now another facility to continue supporting customers who require stringent temperature management within their global supply chains to ensure the integrity of their patients’ products.”


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