IAG Cargo and cargo.one have launched a global collaboration to deliver the airline’s broad cargo services on the real-time digital booking platform. IAG Cargo joins cargo.one, the premier managed marketplace for digital air cargo bookings, and receives access to a vast user base of freight forwarders, including many thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises, in one of cargo.one’s biggest collaborations to date.

IAG Cargo benefits from a wide network, fleet, and world-class specialty hubs through its five sibling airlines, which include national carriers British Airways, Iberia, and Aer Lingus.

Customers benefit from IAG Cargo’s truly global reach and unrivalled flexibility. Its network includes more than 60 countries, with over 500 aircraft flying thousands of trips every week, with a special focus on transatlantic and Latin American capacity. Cargo.one users will soon be able to browse, book, edit, and track IAG Cargo bookings in seconds.

David Shepherd, Managing Director, IAG Cargo said, “We are delighted to be partnering with cargo.one – an exciting partnership strengthening the digital development of IAG Cargo. This partnership is the latest step in our journey to transform the way we do business, making it easier than ever for our customers to book their freight online with IAG Cargo.”

IAG Cargo maintains its market leadership by deploying efficient digitization across its business strategy. Cargo.one was chosen as the carrier’s next step in multi-channel distribution because of its industry prominence and exceptional ability to offer flawless digital booking experiences. Cargo.one’s technology is well-liked by freight forwarders since it is on level with the carrier’s own high digital requirements.

As IAG Cargo expands its capacity, cargo.one is well-positioned to assist its digital success. Cargo.one’s data analysis platform cargo.one360, as well as digital sales trends and benchmarks gained from dozens of cargo.one’s airline partners, will be used to benefit the carrier.

“As a partner, IAG Cargo is a powerhouse and is well known for continuous innovation. Both companies share a proven instinct for building digital options that elevate customers and improve outcomes. IAG Cargo offers us exciting opportunities to co-innovate and hit new heights for digital efficiencies and service delivery.With our combined expertise, freight forwarders booking with us can look forward to an outstanding end-to-end experience,” says Moritz Claussen, Founder and Co-CEO, cargo.one.

In a dynamic supply environment, being top of mind with freight forwarders throughout the world is critical. IAG Cargo benefits from cargo.one’s unique ability to increase visibility and continuously optimise booking offer quality to best fit the market. Dedicated growth managers aid in the facilitation of learning, allowing supply to be properly matched to demand. IAG Cargo’s three hubs in London, Madrid, and Dublin provide tremendous flexibility for freight forwarders that frequently manage complex supply chains. cargo.one adds agility with its valuable booking management and collaboration tools, as well as its excellent customer service.

Using cargo.one, freight forwarders will soon be able to reserve IAG Cargo capacity in only a few clicks. The collaboration expands marketplace users’ access to key locations in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa. The collaboration comes as cargo.one significantly expanded its capacity across Asia in recent months.


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